Samsung Galaxy S3 Wi-Fi Stopped Working [Solved]

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There have been many instances when a phone or tab running on Android (ICS, Jelly Bean, KitKat or any previous version) which had previously working Wi-Fi, now ceases to function. The phone connects to the Wi-Fi network but it does not transfer any data. This usually occurs if the android phone’s (eg Galaxy S3) cache files gets deleted due to any cause, whether be it manual or due to some error.


[tooltip text=”It Works” placement=”top”]There are some solutions which makes the Wi-Fi work again. Here are some of them which I have tried on Galaxy S3 and these successfully worked.[/tooltip]


1. Changing the SSID of the Wi-Fi network.

This worked for me and my galaxy S3 started working again on Wi-Fi network. What you have to do is change the SSID or the name of your Wi-Fi network. For instance your network name is “HotSpot”, you have to change the name to “HotSpot1” or “AnyDamnName” you like. This will probably make a new cache file in the android phone or tab ignoring previous cache file for the old SSID.


2. Changing the IP address of the network.

You have to change your router’s IP address. This also will make your android phone or tab make a new cache file for the Wi-Fi network, making it work again. For changing the IP address of your router, google the process.


3. Reset the router.

There is a reset button on your router most probably on the back side. Keep it pressed for 30 secs. It will reset it. Then you connect to the Wi-Fi network again, it will start working again.


4. Use a Wi-Fi repair app.

This is a last resort to make your Wi-Fi work again. But you don’t need it because the above solutions will work in most instances.

Here is the app. Download it from Google Play.

Wifi Fixer
FXR WiFi fix and rescue
Fix My WiFi (This is a paid app)

If it works, leave a comment below and if it doesn’t leave a detailed comment on what you did. I will try my best to help.

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