How To UnRoot Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 | Detailed Easy Way

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So now after rooting Samsung Galaxy S4 GT i9500, you have decided to unroot it. Unrooting your device is as simple as rooting it, if you have used Cofface Recovery Root/Unroot to root it in the first place.


[alert size=”alert-block” variation=”alert-error”]Proceed at your own risk. Rooting/Unrooting a device can potentially brick it and make it unusable. Also rooting will void the warranty of the device. If any untoward event happens, or any of its members will not be held responsible. Proceeding forwards acknowledges that you agree with this.[/alert]

[alert]Make sure to exactly follow the steps mentioned to successfully root your device. Also do check out the video showing the complete tutorial.[/alert]

So let’s begin with the unrooting of Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500:

[alert size=”alert-block” variation=”alert-error”]This unrooting will work only if you have rooted it using the previous tutorial described here. This won’t work with other methods. Also unrooting by this method does not guarantee that you will be having an unmodified device. Rooting/unrooting will cause your device to show up as modified[/alert]

[alert variation=”alert-info”]You can skip to Step 14 if you have rooted your device with Cofface Root/Unroot Recovery. Turn Off your device and start in recovery mode by pressing “Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button” for few seconds and release all buttons when Samsung logo disappears.[/alert]

  1. Watch the video here

  2. First of all you will need to download the latest version of Cofface CMW . ( Download Here )
  3. Also download Odin which is used for flashing the cofface into Galaxy S4. ( Download Here )

  4. For the unrooting process to work properly you will need to have Samsung Galaxy S4 drivers installed. To install the drivers without the hassle of searching, install Samsung Kies. ( Download here ). Make sure you download “Samsung Kies” and not “Samsung Kies 3”. Without the drivers the rooting cannot take place. Install Samsung Kies and open it. Then connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 with the PC and wait. The drivers will get installed automatically.

  5. After installing the drivers completely, CLOSE Samsung Kies. Do Not keep it running as it interfares with the rooting process.

  6. Now on the device go to Settings > more > Developer Options > and checkUSB Debugging“. If the device doesn’t show up Developer Options, go to About Device and then tap on Build Number many times. You will be granted the Developer status.


  7. Extract the downloaded file from Step 2

  8. Now start the device in the Download Mode. For doing so keep “Volume Down + Home Button + Power button” pressed at the same time for 7-10 seconds until a warning message shows up. Then press Volume Up. You can do this even when your phone is turned on. If that doesn’t work, turn off your device first and repeat the process.


  9. Now open Odin which you downloaded in step 3.

  10. Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 with the PC and wait for the COM port to show any random number. If the drivers have been installed correctly, the COM port will show up. If after connecting the device, more drivers start getting installed, wait for them to get installed so that the COM port shows up.

  11. Now in Odin checkAuto Reboot‘ and ‘F. Reset Time‘. DO NOT CHECK ‘Re-Partition’.

  12. In “PDA” select the Cofface*.tar file you extracted in Step 7.

  13. Press “Start” to begin the rooting process. If everything goes well, Odin will show “PASS” in green color and the phone will restart in Recovery Mode.


  14. In the Recover mode on the device go to Root/Unroot by using Volume Down button and select it by pressing Power Button. Then select “UnRoot your Device“.


  15. Select “Yes” and let the rooting process begin.

  16. Reboot the device by selecting that option.

  17. That’s it. You have successfully UnRooted Samsung Galaxy S4 GT i9500. You can check that by an app “Root Checker” (Download here).

  18. If you found the above tutorial hard to digest, you can see the video here for easy reinforcement.

Click Here to read How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4.

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