How To Root Nokia X v10.0.3 Easily

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So you have bought yourself Nokia X but you can’t resist from rooting it so that you can use the phone at its full potential. You have come to the right place. I will show you how to Root Nokia X in an easy detailed way. This procedure is for rooting Nokia X which is running on version 10.0.3. It won’t work with the v11 as Nokia has patched up the Gandalf exploit in the update.

This rooting is seemless as compared to previous rooting of other devices which needed lots of files to be downloaded and many steps and what not. So relax. Rooting this device is a piece of cake.


[alert size=”alert-block” variation=”alert-error”]Proceed at your own risk. Rooting a device can potentially brick it and make it unusable. Also rooting will void the warranty of the device. If any untoward event happens, or any of its members will not be held responsible. Proceeding forwards acknowledges that you agree with this.[/alert]

[alert]Make sure to exactly follow the steps mentioned to successfully root your device. Also do check out the video showing the complete tutorial.[/alert]

So let’s begin with the rooting of Nokia X:

  1. Watch the video here
      [youtube url=”″ autohide=”0″]

  2. First of all you will need to download the latest version of Framaroot. ( Download Here )
  3. Go to Settings > Security and checkUnknown Sources” in your device.


  4. Install the downloaded Framaroot to your device.

  5. Now, Open Framaroot select “Install SuperSU” in the top option. ( There are other options also like SuperUser and Unroot)

    How-to-root-nokia-x (1)

  6. Now, in the rooting menu tap on an exploit in the list there to root your device (I used Gandalf). The rooting starts and a success message will be displayed. If this exploit doesn’t work try another exploit. Usually Gandalf works perfectly.

  7. Reboot the device for the update to take place. In the apps you will now be able to see the SuperSU or SuperUser which you used before installing the root.

  8. Enjoy with the Rooted Device.

How-to-root-nokia-x (2)

When your Nokia X boots up, it should be rooted. Open app drawer and look for a new app called SuperSU there. Sometimes you may not be able to see the app SuperSU on your Nokia X. For that you can verify the root using Root Checker. (Download Here)

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