How to get Traffic for Niche Websites

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How to get Traffic for Niche Websites

 So you have thought of designing a website for niche content but you are not sure whether the amount of energy you are going to put on the work will benefit you or not in terms of getting traffic to your website and it crosses your mind to think again on your decision. Well let me put it straight forward that you can generate traffic to your niche website but there are many things that you ought to do for generating good amount of traffic as you would have thought it would.


Before moving forwards I would like to tell you that it is not an easy job to get traffic to any website unless you follow some protocols. I would like to give you an example how it works.

When I was younger in teens, I used to study hard but on getting the results, my grades were not that good as I would have deserved. Many times this happened but the results didn’t vary in spite of me working hard. Later I realized that I was not channeling my hard work properly. So I didn’t get results. I now started channeling my hard work properly and I was amazed that I got great results – better grades in exams.

Now what is this channeling and how can you use it to get traffic to your niche websites?

The channeling of hard work here refers to working on your website properly and not doing random things with it. You will be working hard to get the result of getting good traffic, and you cannot jeopardize that goal by doing the unusual things with your website.

What should you do to get Good Traffic for Niche Websites?

1. Content: The most important thing that a website needs is design! Gotcha. No it’s NOT the design that matters in getting the traffic. Google bots can’t see the design. They are blind to it as in After Earth movie, the aliens being blind to the fearless.

The most important thing for a Niche Website is Content. Google loves content and loves to rank pages based on content. Without content your website is good for nothing except your website has no competition, but that is very unusual at the present moment.

So try to channel your energy in generating content that can be well understood and gives a good information to its readers.

2. Unique Content: Yes i used this as a second point rather than mixing this up with the first. This is because content which is not unique is no way helpful to its readers. I will explain it in a bit. You must and should not copy content from other websites – NEVER EVER. I’m not only saying this because it’s someone else’s content but also because Google can easily detect the content which has been taken off from other websites. Try to write your own content which is useful for its readers. This is the most successful way to get traffic to your niche website in the long run.


3. No Spinning of Content: You should know that Google’s algorithms are way too smart not to detect a spinned content.  Spinning the content produces worst results. A spinned content cannot be understood by your readers resulting in bouncing of your web page and bouncing isn’t a good factor for the rankings. Again! Do not copy content from others.

4. Generating links from your content: A good article means that it acts as a gold mine for Google. To reap benefits from Google regarding traffic, generate links from within your article to other articles which are related to your current article (you can make the link open in a new tab). This way you can engage a user more and this is what Google likes. If you were to read this Salesforce blog, you’d know in how much importance customer service is held in. This can increase your presence in Google’s eyes leading it to throw some readers to your content and you can get good traffic to your niche site or any other website. But do not over use this as it may cause your content look like a spam. 3 – 4 links are a good start for a 500 word article.

5. Domain Name: Domain name is one of the most important things you can do to get traffic to your niche site but it comes obviously after the content’s importance. Get a good domain which contains the keyword of your niche website. It really helps in getting some traffic.


6. Title of your content: Title of a website or a web page is also important in helping the webpage get traffic. If a user searches for keywords and you have those keywords in your title, Boom! You get traffic.

7. Keywords inside the content: There is some percentage that google uses in its algorithms to detect the keywords. I don’t know how much percentage of keywords should be present in the content but I have not tested it myself. But it’s just that try to use keywords inside the article also. Don’t overuse them as it is bad in Google’s Eyes.

8. Add Content: Keep on adding unique content to your website at least on weekly basis if not daily. This way you can keep your website as live. A website which has not been updated is rather considered dead after some time. So keep on updating it on regular basis.

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