How To Connect PS3 Controller With Android Tab or Phone Wirelessly

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You all have somewhere deep inside you, wanted to play games on your phone or tab (here using Android) using your PS3 Controller. You even tried connecting it through OTG Cable to your Android Phone or Tab. But you were unsuccessful because your tab or phone showed that “High Power USB Device Connected to the Tab/Phone”. Or even you wanted to play the game wirelessly, why not, you have a wireless Six Axis Controller at your disposal.


So today I will tell you how to connect your Android Tab or Phone to PS3 Six Axis Controller. You can use this tutorial on any phone or tab which is running Android e.g. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, 2, 1, Nexus 7, 10, Acer Tabs, Sony Tabs, Sony Phone, Samsung Phones, HTC, list goes on and on.

So here is what you have to do. But make sure your device is rooted otherwise this won’t work as you will need to grant permission to the app on your tab or phone.

1. Download SixAxis Controller:

First you will need to download SixAxis Controller onto your tab or phone using Google Play or any other android market. It will cost you around 2.5$. Install it and open it. There will be an pop up where you will select yes and tap on the SixAxis Controller in “Language and Keyboard Input Method” to select it.

2. Download Six Axis Pair tool for windows.

Next you will need to download Six Axis Pairing tool for windows. Install it and don’t run it yet. Download it here.

3. Connect PS3 Controller to PC

Now Connect PS3 Controller to PC with the cable supplied with the PS3. All the four LEDs will start to blink on the controller.

4. Open Six Axis Pair Tool

The software you just installed, open it. It will install the driver for the controller. You will need to select yes when the option pops up (most probably with red highlight). After driver installation it will show you the MASTER Bluetooth address of the controller which you will need to change.

5. Back to tab.

Press START on the tab/phone SixAxis Controller app. There will be a Bluetooth address shown at the bottom of the app. You will need to enter this value in the PC Six Axis pair tool software and the press UPDATE. It will update the MASTER Bluetooth address of your controller.


6. Remove the controller from the PC
7. Switch on the controller using the PS button.

After switching on the PS3 controller it will pair up with the Tab / Phone and now only one LED will stay on indicating that it is connected with the device.

8. Go to the Device App

Press CHANGE IME and select the SixAxis Controller as the Input Method.

9. Run the Game

That’s it. You made PS3 controller work with your Android Tab / Phone wirelessly without using a cable or bypassing “High Power Device Connected” error.

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Watch the video to see more.

To make the PS3 Controller work again with your PS3, just plug it inside the USB port of PS3 using the cable and it will work again.

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